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All you need to know about the EIC Accelerator 2024

In December 2023 we finally got to see the new EIC Work Programme 2024 and, as we expected, there were some major changes. In this article we’ve outlined some of the biggest shake-ups.

EIC Accelerator 2023: Latest updates and potential improvements

The EIC Accelerator 2023 is a major initiative for European innovation which has recently undergone important changes. Find out what these changes are and what we think of them.

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Welcome to the blog of Aristos, a renowned consulting company specializing in helping innovative startups and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) secure funding for innovation projects through EU funding. Our blog is dedicated to providing valuable insights into the Horizon Europe funding programs, available for startups and SMEs.

At Aristos, we understand the challenges faced by entrepreneurs in accessing funding to turn their innovative ideas into reality. Through our extensive experience and expertise in obtaining EU funding, we aim to share valuable information, tips, and updates on the Horizon Europe funding opportunities, including the European Innovation Council programs: EIC Accelerator, EIC Transition and EIC Pathfinder; the Eureka Eurostars; as well as other Pillar 2 Research and Innovation Actions and Innovation Actions.

Our blog will serve as a valuable resource, offering in-depth analysis, success stories, and practical guidance on navigating the complex world of EU funding. From highlighting eligibility criteria to discussing best practices for proposal writing, our articles will provide you with the knowledge and tools necessary to increase your chances of securing funding for your innovative projects.

Whether you are a startup or an SME looking to expand your operations or develop groundbreaking technologies, our blog is here to support you on your funding journey. Stay tuned for regular updates and valuable insights as we explore the exciting world of Horizon Europe funding, and its impact on startups and SMEs.

Join us on this journey of discovery and empowerment as we unlock the doors to EU funding opportunities, and help fuel the growth and innovation of startups and SMEs across Europe.

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