EIC Accelerator Open

The EIC Accelerator is a program aimed at start-ups and SMEs (or mid-caps only for Equity) that need help finishing the development of new technology, then bring it to market. On top of a non-refundable subsidy component of up to €2.5M for technological development, this program offers the chance to obtain an investment of up to €15M in exchange for company shares, with the intention to strengthen your commercial scale-up.

To find out if this program is right for you, assess the following statements:

  • I am a start-up or SME with a strong team of professionals and a clear work plan to bring the technology to market.
  • I have an innovative and disruptive idea that will surpass the state of the art.
  • The impact of my innovation on the sector is going to be considerable and may even change the rules of the game.
  • The innovation can have a positive impact on a social or environmental level.
  • The idea is advanced at development level (minimum TRL 5) but there is still risk reaching the market (TRL 9).
  • The development that lies ahead will last 18 to 36 months and is the responsibility of the company’s internal team.
  • It is an idea that raises the interest of market and investors but due to its level of development is still too risky to attract investments.

Deadlines: 3





Total budget:

Open – 611 M€


One beneficiary

TRL start-finish:

TRL 5 – TRL 9


Grant – 0,5M€ up to 2,5M€, Intensity 70%

Equity – 0,5M€ up to15M€ (maximum 25% of shares)

  • Success rate: **
  • Preparation time: *****



Via Laietana 38, Principal. 08003, Barcelona (Spain)


+34 678 65 56 35



Registered adress

C/ Mallorca 207 Sobre Ático 2ª 08036, Barcelona (Spain)