EIC Pathfinder Challenge

The EIC Pathfinder Challenge is a program aimed at supporting SMEs, research centres, universities or large companies that form consortiums, as well as individual entities (not large companies), that work on disruptive ideas in their early R&D stages, ideas that may end up becoming scientific or technological advances that will lead the way in the future.


  • I have an idea that is so disruptive and risky that worked on it yet

  • The idea is still at a low TRL (maximum TRL 2-3)

  • My goal is to demonstrate the scientific basis for this idea in the shape of a proof of concept or on laboratory level (TRL 4-5)

  • This idea can be the pillar of a new way of attacking a certain problem, even changing the rules of the game

  • In addition to my own organisation, I know other partners with whom I can form the perfect team to reach the proof of concept of this technology

Deadlines: 1


Total budget:

Challenge – 163,5 M€


One beneficiary, or a consortium of 2 or more partners

Independent entities…

…from different member states or associated countries

TRL start – finish:

TRL 1-2 to TRL 4


0,5M€ up to 4M€, Intensity 100%

  • Success rate: ***
  • Preparation time: ****


  • Carbon dioxide and nitrogen management and valorisation
  • Mid to long term and systems integrated energy storage
  • Cardiogenomics
  • Towards the Healthcare Continuum: technologies to support a radical shift from episodic to continuous healthcare
  • DNA-based digital data storage
  • Alternative approaches to Quantum Information Processing, Communication, and Sensing



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Registered adress

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