EIC Pathfinder Open

The EIC Pathfinder Open is a program aimed at supporting SMEs, research centres, universities or large companies that form consortia to work on disruptive ideas in their early stages of R&D, ideas that may end up becoming scientific or technological advances that will lead the way in the future.

To find out if this program is right for you, assess the following statements:


  • I have an idea that is so disruptive and risky that worked on it yet

  • The idea is still at a low TRL (maximum TRL 2-3)

  • My goal is to demonstrate the scientific basis for this idea in the shape of a proof of concept or on laboratory level (TRL 4-5)

  • This idea can be the pillar of a new way of attacking a certain problem, even changing the rules of the game

  • In addition to my own organisation, I know other partners with whom I can form the perfect team to reach the proof of concept of this technology

Deadlines: 1


Total budget:

Open – 179,5 M€



At least 3 independent entities…

…from at least 3 member states or associated countries

TRL start – finish:

TRL 1-2 to TRL 4


0,5M€ up to 3M€, Intensity 100%

  • Success rate: ***
  • Preparation time: ***



Via Laietana 38, Principal. 08003, Barcelona (Spain)


+34 678 65 56 35



Registered adress

C/ Mallorca 207 Sobre Ático 2ª 08036, Barcelona (Spain)