EIC Transition 2024

EIC Transition 2024 programme funds innovation activities that go beyond the experimental proof of principle in the laboratory.

It supports both the maturation and validation of your novel technology from the lab to the relevant application environments (by making use of prototyping, formulation, models, user testing or other validation tests) as well as explorations and development of a sustainable business case and business model towards commercialisation.

The EIC Transition Open is a program aimed at SMEs, research centres, universities or large companies with projects that have previously achieved an FET Flagship or an ERC Proof of Concept, the results of which may be the basis for a disruptive innovation or a new business. The same entity that obtained the European projects can participate, or another with access to the intellectual property or exploitation rights. The program seeks the validation of said project in the laboratory and/or in relevant environments, as well as the planning of the exploitation of the results and their market entry.

Who can apply

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Awarded projects

HE: EIC Pathfinder. Horizon 2020: FET-Open, FET-Proactive and FET Flagships calls (including ERANET calls under the FET wp).


European Research Council proof of concept projects.


European Defense Fund (EDF)

Including the Preparatory Action on Defense Research, research projects, but only for proposals that focus exclusively on civil applications (including dual use).


All projects financed by Horizon 2020 or Horizon Europe

Only in the EIC Transition Challenge.

Bear in mind:

If the EIC Transition application is submitted based on an above-mentioned eligible project for which the grant is still active, the eligible project must be active for at least 12 months.

If you are applying for the EIC Transition based on an eligible project that has already been completed, you can apply within 24 months of the completion of the project.

Let’s get together EIC Transition this 2024


My project fits into the EIC Transition if:


It is a ground-breaking innovation that can solve the problem in an outstanding way.


My idea is so disruptive and risky that no one has started to develop it yet.


The idea’s validity has been demonstrated on a laboratory scale (TRL 4).


My goal is to validate the innovation in a relevant environment (TRL 6).


The project combines research, technological development, and validation activities.


The project also includes activities that bring it closer to the market, such as: marketing plan, business case, IP protection, competitive analysis…


In addition to my own organization, I know other partners with whom I can form the perfect team to reach the proof of concept of this technology.

Applicants to EIC Transition can prepare proposals:

which has no predefined thematic priorities and is open to proposals in any science, technology or application field.

In predefined thematic areas of emerging and strategic technologies. The EIC Transition Challenge provides funding for projects in specific themes (Challenges) and that are renewed each year based on the priorities of the EIC.

EIC Transition 2024 challenges:


Full scale Micro-Nano-Bio devices for medical and medical research applications

The overall goal of the Challenge is the development of Micro-Nano and Bio technologies for transition to market. These technologies include microelectronics, nanotechnologies, biosensing, and microfluidics.


Environmental intelligence

Proposals must demonstrate novel devices, sensors or technologies that will have a clear and quantifiable advantage with respect to environmental.


Chip-scale optical frequency combs

This challenge aims to foster innovation in semiconductor technologies, specifically for the use of advanced materials and the integration of photonics and microelectronics on next-generation chips.

EIC Transition deadline 2024

Deadline #1: September 18th, 2024


Startups, SMEs, universities, technology or research centres, individual researchers and large companies can apply to the EIC Transition. The ways to apply are the following:

Unique applicants (Startups, SMEs, universities, technology or research centres, individual researchers). Large companies cannot participate as sole beneficiaries.

Small consortia of two independent legal entities from two different Member States or Associated Countries.

Consortia of a minimum of three and a maximum of five independent legal entities which must include at least one legal entity established in a Member State and at least two other independent legal entities, each established in different Member States or Associated Countries.

TRL start–end

TRL 4 to TRL 5-6


The total budget for the EIC Transition programme is €94 million.

The intensity of financing in the Transition projects is 100%, meaning the eligible costs will be fully covered.

The EIC Transition grants are of up to €2.5 million to validate and demonstrate the technology in a relevant environment (from TRL 4 to 5/6) and reach readiness for market entry.

How to apply

Project proposals must be submitted through the Funding and Tender Opportunities Portal before the indicated deadline date. More information here.

Sections 1 to 3 and the cover of part B of the proposal must consist of a maximum of 20 pages in A4 format.

Recipients will receive results in approximately 9 weeks from the delivery date. If the proposal successfully passes this first evaluation phase, there will be an interview approximately 13 weeks after the delivery date. In the interview, the candidate will be evaluated by a panel of 6 jurors. You will be informed about the result of the interview in 3-4 weeks.

Award criteria

Excellence: Degree of innovation of the technology, project objectives, relevance of the project in the challenge (only in EIC Transition Challenge), methodology, feasibility of the project, time to market.

Impact: credibility of project impact, social/economic benefits, business model, market entry strategy, investment readiness.

Implementation: work plan, KPI and milestones, allocation of resources (budget), quality of the consortium.



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