Appytalent, de Playforapply

Human Resource Management Tool Based on Emotional Intelligence

There is significant evidence that emotional intelligence is the single most important factor when considering job performance. This makes sense. We are all aware of the importance of being able to understand and manage our emotions, yet this insight is barely considered in human resource management.

Playforapply have developed Appytalent, a Software as a Service platform (SaaS) which allows employers and employees to assess the emotional intelligence of an individual to then identify what emotional areas they need to develop in order to effectively perform their chosen job. The platform also provides the necessary learning content for the individual to improve their emotional intelligence in these areas. Finally, a recruitment module allows Human Resources departments to identify job seekers that match the emotional intelligence profile they are recruiting.

This SaaS is currently in a beta phase of development and is being trialled by several companies, including the Open University of Catalonia (UOC). Playforapply want to bring this new way of managing human resources to the market through the SME instrument. The aim is to first carry out a feasibility study that will consider the technological requirements and economic potential of the product in the market to then complete the development and undertake a product demonstration in Europe, Australia and the USA.

By 2020, Playforapply estimate that they will be generating profits of almost 3M€, with a return on the SME instrument project investment of 342% within 3 years of project completion.


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