Aqua Power Shark, de Aqua Robur

Self-powering flow indicator for leakage management in public water pipelines

Between 25 and 50% of fresh water is lost in European pipelines, costing billions of Euros every year. Moreover, the possibility of contaminated water running from taps is a serious concern. Water utilities are investing billions of Euros in installing water meters and sensors that allow them to detect leakages and to monitor water quality more precisely and in real time. However, these devices must be connected to a power supply, either the grid or batteries. This increases installation and maintenance costs considerably, while also limiting where the sensors can be deployed to accessible areas. Consequently, it is impossible for water utilities to deploy an optimum number of sensors, thereby reducing considerably the potential of smart water management.

The Aqua Power SharkTM power source is a small hydro turbine, which converts a small part of the water flow into electricity, which then can be used to power the Aqua Data SharkTM (a combined flow indicator) and other on-site smart meter devices such as water quality sensors.

Additionally energy is sent to the intelligent Aqua Power BankTM, which guarantees energy supply to the sensors, even when water is not flowing. Water data are then sent to water utilities that can easily monitor water flow and quality in real time, thereby quickly identifying the location of leakages. The technology is easily installed in the pipeline and does not require maintenance works. The main innovations are:


             self-powered Smart metering systems

             supplies energy to up to 5 smart meter sensors

             Compact design: no-dig installation

             Easy installation in confined spaces like manholes and different pipe sizes;

              Real Time data transfer.


The global market for control and monitoring solutions within the water sector are estimated at 19.8€ billion. Aqua Robur aims to become a key player in the provision of water monitoring solutions and to be exporting its products across Europe and USA by 2023, generating an annual revenue of over 11€M.

The Aqua Power Shark project has been funded by VINNOVA.

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