BIEL SMARTGAZE, by Biel Glasses

The smart glasses from Biel Glasses, that adapt reality to the visual capacity of people with low vision, solving mobility issues and improving autonomy.

Low Vision (LV) is a visual disability 7 times more common than blindness, which causes visual impairment and cannot be corrected by standard glasses or surgery. People who suffer from LV have poor-quality vision that interferes with their orientation, mobility, communication, and daily activities. The most disabling effects are mobility issues that cause dependency and risk of injury, affecting patients’ autonomy and confidence.

There are 7M cases in Europe, causing an estimated impact of 100B€ per year, and it grows due to the ageing of the population. The effect of this problem extends to social and health services, with huge costs associated with dependency and unemployment because of work inability, falls, cardiovascular diseases due to sedentary behaviour, and psychological/psychiatric effects due to isolation.

Biel Glasses envisions a future where LV patients can walk, perform daily activities, and work autonomously, confidently, and safely. To turn this vision into reality, they have developed BIEL SMARTGAZE, the first smart glasses that revolutionize mobility for LV patients. By harnessing the power of advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Mixed Reality, and Galileo geolocation, these glasses adapt reality to the user’s perception capacity, empowering them to gain independence. The innovation can detect mobility obstacles such as steps, holes, crosswalks, or traffic lights and generates graphical indications tailored to the remaining vision of each patient, guiding them through their way.

After obtaining the Seal of Excellence from the EIC with the help of Aristos, Biel Glasses received funding from the CDTI program (from the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation). The company will use almost €2.5 million to validate and launch the BIEL SMARTGAZE.

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