BIONIC/VEST-2, by EU consortium for the EIC Transition program

Bionic/Vest-2, a EIC Transition winner, that treats vestibular dysfunction via electrical otolith organ stimulation to achieve balance enhancement and even restoration.

Annually, a staggering 684,000 lives are lost to falls globally, with 37.3 million requiring medical attention. The European Union is burdened with approximately € 25 billion in healthcare costs each year due to fall-related incidents, which is set to rise with the growing elderly population. This is a pressing issue that demands immediate attention.

Notably, vestibular dysfunction is a leading contributor to falls, underscoring the potential for revolutionary advancements in treatment paradigms through vestibular function restoration. In this BIONIC/VEST-2 project, a ground-breaking solution was proposed to restore equilibrium and avert falls by utilizing vestibular implantation and electrical stimulation of the otolith organ. 

The pioneering groundwork for vestibular dysfunction treatment was laid during the EU-funded H2020 FET-OPEN project, yielding remarkable outcomes in restoring vestibular function via electrical otolith organ stimulation. Previously lacking effective remedies, the achievement of balance enhancement and even restoration is now within reach. The FET-OPEN project marked a significant milestone, demonstrating proof-of-concept on humans with a prototype otolith vestibular implant, and successfully allowed the consortium to submit an evolution of the BIONIC/VEST-2 project to the EIC Transition program.

Aristos Innovation Funding helped the consortium with the revision service, in which our expert consultants provided advice and comments on a written proposal to improve it. We hope that with this € 2.5 million provided by the European Innovation Council through the Transition program, the consortium can further develop the Project and reach the market in the medium term.

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