Capowerde Xerolutions

Advanced material for cost-effective and high density ultracapacitors for the transport sector

To meet carbon emissions targets, transport must become more energy efficient. Currently, only 14%–30% (depending on the drive cycle) of the energy derived from the fuel used in a vehicle is used to move it down the road, the rest is lost to engine and driveline inefficiencies or used to power accessories.

There are several innovative technologies that can increase the efficiency of vehicles and reduce transport emissions such as regenerative braking systems, start-stop systems, KERS, and ERS. However, all of them require fast electric energy storage and existing technologies cannot meet the needs of the transport sector. The conventional technology uses batteries, but they are large, heavy and too slow to charge and discharge energy. Ultracapacitors have been put forward as the solution, as they can charge and discharge quickly, however they are currently too expensive to allow them to be universally taken up across the wider transport sector.

We, at Xerolutions, have developed a new material, called CAPOWER, which reduces the cost of energy stored in ultracapacitors by over 20%. Compared with the conventional material, CAPOWER increases power density, energy density and cyclability, while reducing volume per unit of energy stored. The cost efficiency of our material will allow the widespread adoption of the latest energy recovery systems to be introduced to all vehicles.

The aim of the project is to scale up production of CAPOWER and demonstrate its effectiveness to T2 suppliers to kick start its take up in the market and to thereby facilitate the widespread introduction of energy efficient technologies, which will in turn reduce emissions and fuel consumption.

This widespread adoption will generate revenues of 11M€ by 2022 and create 15 new jobs. The project will generate an internal rate of return of 45%, providing a net present value of 6.838.155 € and a return on the total investment of 250%.


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