CarNet, de KDPOF


Rapid Data Communication Network for Connected Cars

Demand for cars with internet access has grown at a rapid rate. The so-called connected vehicles acquire information from the different areas of the car to first understand its state and the environment surrounding it and then communicate this information to the driver. Many Advanced Driver Assistance System applications wish to make use of this data to support the driver to drive safely and save lives.</div>

However, the inability of current in-car data communications networks to transmit such information in a fast, reliable way renders them unusable. Furthermore, they are inadequate for two reasons which make traditional communications networks unsuitable: the physical environment of the car is challenging, with vibrations, heat and electro magnetic interferences; and they are not capable of reaching speeds over 150Mbps, meaning all information is too slow to be useful.

KDPOF has developed and patented a breakthrough low-cost technology which allows data transmission at rates of up to 1Gbps. Furthermore, as this technology uses Plastic Optical Fiber, it overcomes all the challenges of the in-car environment. KDPOF have recently launched this product for the consumer and for professional markets.

The CarNet project aims to support KDPOF to adjust, test and demonstrate the benefits of KDPOF’s Giga technology to the Automotive market. As this market is complex, with a long product development process, the CarNet project will also look to understand fully the business strategy to ensure that the product’s commercial potential is maximized and to ensure that KDPOF is at the forefront of developing the standards that will shape the future in-car data communications market.

As a result of this project, KDPOF will grow considerably, doubling their employees in five years and earning a return on investment of over 80%. It will also reduce the costs of in-car data communication networks and improve the competitiveness of the European Automobile sector in general, and the in-car data and ADAS sector in particular.


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