CKDSens, by CreatSens


A New Platform for the Personalized Management of Renal Function

Frequent monitoring of the renal function is required worldwide by millions of patients suffering from chronic kidney disease (CKD), diabetes and cardiovascular problems. Monitoring is still mostly done in hospitals, because the technology involved is too specialized to be handled by patients. Some companies offer limited qualitative monitoring in a near-patient care scenario, but at a very high cost for current health systems.

Our client, Creatsens, is developing CDKSens, a new platform for the low-cost, personalized management of the renal function, which does not require experience to be used. This is ideal in a near-patient care scenario.

Decentralizing the analysis of biomarkers (taking it from the hospital to the patient’s home) with new diagnostic systems will save the time of health professionals and will also save money in the analyzes. This will help maintain our current health systems, in addition to allowing patients to lead a more active life.

In order to make an assessment of the technological and economic viability of their solution, CreatSens, in collaboration with ARISTOS, applied to the last call of 2018 (November) of the SME Instrument Phase 1 and, after obtaining a score of 13.58, they have won the grant required in order to carry out this stage of the project.

We at Aristos are delighted to have contributed to <em>CreatSens</em>’ success and we wish them luck in the development of their project, which will improve the quality of life of so many people and will be so beneficial for our health system.



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