Eco-soft, de Carinsa


Industrial manufacturing of eco-innovative, safe, sustainable functionalised microencapsulated fragrances for fabric softeners

The fact that fabric softeners are toxic and pollutant is something that nobody doubts. The chemical substances of which they are composed produce dermatological allergies in many people and they release, both to the air and to the water that is expelled to the drains, elements which are harmful to health and to the environment. However, people still want to use them because of their fragrance and the softness they bring to fabrics. In fact, within the laundry care sector, softeners are one of the products with highest growth in the market.

The main problem is that only 5% of the softener used during the washing process sticks to clothes. 5%! That means that the remaining 95% is lost during the draining stage, which makes this an incredibly inefficient process which generates excessive contamination of the environment.

With the aim of putting an end to such a waste of product and negative ecological impact, inconceivable in a society so environmentally aware as ours, Carinsa, our client, set out to find a solution. To that end, they have looked for a way to use only non-toxic materials and to dramatically enhance the efficiency of the detergent (by increasing 10 times the adherence to fabric and in a 330% the duration of the fragrance), which makes less quantity of product necessary for each wash.

Carinsa, with Aristos’ help, submitted their project’s proposal in the June call for phase II of the H2020 SME instrument and we proudly announce that they have obtained the requested grant, so they already have all the necessary elements to triumph with their project. We, at Aristos, are very glad to have contributed to their success, and we wish them the greatest joys along the road they are about to undertake.


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