FC-Unlimited, de Qualityfry

Eco-efficient and Healthy Commercial Deep Fryer

Deep Fryers are essential for restaurant and food companies, however, they present many flaws. They’re energy inefficient, are not eco-friendly and generate millions of liters of oil waste every year in Europe, which is later found in rivers, lakes, etc. Furthermore, if they’re not used properly, they produce burnt, greasy and unhealthy foods, cause multiple labour hazards, are responsible for a significant number of serious accidents; they must be supervised by trained and semi-skilled employees all the time, they have high costs of installation and maintenance, require exhaust ducts and fire protection systems and they should have a specific insurance and receive periodic inspection and testing.

For all this, QualityFry SL (QF) has developed a new fryer, <strong>FC-Unlimited</strong>, with an extraordinary technology and great advantages: it reduces the level of energy and oil required to prepare fried products; produces healthier food because it avoids the migration of oil to the final fried product; no need for trained or specialist staff; no need for fumes exhaust or fire safety certificates; can be installed anywhere; and eliminates fire hazards and the risk of burns.

No fumes, no odours, no mix of flavors: no complications.

With the intention of getting help to finance their project, QF, together with Aristos Innovation Consulting, was submitted to the October 2017 call for phase II of the SME Instrument, and we are very proud to announce that they have obtained the necessary grant for developing their project, getting a very high score (14.27) in the results of the evaluation. We are pleased to have been part of this success of QF and we wish our client the best of luck in the development of their project.


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