Haiku, de Remab

A breakthrough alternative to antibiotics for preventing and curing infectious diseases at Intensive Care Units

Infections acquired in hospitals are a very important cause of mortality and generate high costs to intensive care units (ICUs) around the world. The most critical infectious group is formed by gram-negative bacteria that are resistant to multiple antibiotics.

Our client, the Spanish company Remab Therapeutics, has developed HAIKU, a new pharmacological product and a first line therapy to prevent and cure infectious diseases in the ICU, based on the elimination of inhibitory antibodies, which are used by bacteria to facilitate their infectivity.

This new drug allows immediate protection to patients admitted to the ICU without generating resistance to antimicrobials (AMR). HAIKU will reduce the costs of public and private health systems, and will have a significant social impact: the release of space in hospitals. It is estimated that the total potential market is more than 13 million patients per year and, in particular, there are over 4 million ICU patients at risk of prolonged stays.

Remab Therapeutics is a biotechnology company that develops a new class of drugs by eliminating natural specific antibodies. Its mission is to advance their therapies to take them to the clinical trial stage and to improve the lives of patients and families affected by infectious diseases.

To carry out their project, Remab applied to the last call of 2018 (November) of phase 1 of the SME Instrument and, after obtaining a very high score of 14,18, they obtained the necessary grant to carry out the tasks required in this phase.

We are very proud to have participated in this achievement of Remab and we wish them many successes in the development of this great project, which will improve so much the current health system.



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