Innomaq21 goes to India

Introduction in the Indian market of Innopowder, a high quality and cost-effective metal powder for metal additive manufacturing of several parts and components

Innopowder is a revolutionary metal powder for the manufacture of aircraft and automobile components. This high-quality metal powder, low cost, low weight and with improved properties, thanks to the new INNOWWIDE call, will try its luck in a market as interesting and distant as India.


The Asian market is ripe with opportunities, but Innomaq21 has decided to work with India as an entry point from which progressively enter other regions in the continent. The government’s “Make in India” policy, and the country’s nature as a hub for frugal engineering and high-quality managerial talent make it an attractive place to begin exploration of the Asian market.


The objective of this Viability Assessment Project – VAP  is to establish the conditions (legal, commercial, intellectual, etc.) necessary to successfully introduce Innopowder to India, with the long-term aim of finding a door that will gives them access to various other Asian markets. Another objective of this project is to identify possible Indian partners for cooperation in the demonstration (piloting) and future commercialisation of Innopowder.


We are very happy to have been part of this new success of Innomaq21. After having helped them with the preparation of the proposal of Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the SME Instrument, where they received the funding, we have once again obtained a subsidy as interesting as INNOWWIDE, an action funded by the European Commission that facilitates the access of SMEs to international markets through the financing of the feasibility analysis (technical, market, legal and socio-economic aspects) or Viability Assessment Projects (VAPs) in cooperation (subcontracting) with local actors in third countries in order to create the necessary conditions that allow incorporate innovative technologies created in Europe to these markets through a future international technological cooperation project.


Innomaq21 was one of the companies that defended its project in the first call of INNOWWIDE, which ended on May 31, 2019, and we are very glad to announce that they have received the financing they needed for this new Asian adventure. From Aristos we are very satisfied to have been part of this success of Innomaq21 and we wish them good luck in this new Asian adventure.


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