KAM Patch, de Kamleon

The Smart Sweat Patch: a breakthrough platform for hydration monitoring

Dehydration is a silent threat affecting the health and wellbeing of a large fraction of the world’s population. Vulnerable groups such as children, older people, pregnant and breastfeeding women, athletes and outdoor workers present the highest prevalence, resulting in associated acute, long-term health risks.

Our client, Kamleon Ventures SL (Kamleon), has designed <strong>KAM Patch</strong>, a wearable smart patch that monitors hydration through sweat analysis, wirelessly and in real-time.

KAM Patch has been created with novel nano-inks capable of transforming commodity materials such as paper, rubber or cotton into smart sensing materials. Through the latest generation of flexible electronics, the device can be embedded in mass-market daily objects, such as patches or Band-Aids.

KAM Patchs is simple, affordable and does not require direct user intervention, which facilitates market adoption. This will help people to make smart choices, thus improving their quality of life and producing a positive impact on public health.

The market for this product is still emerging, which is very interesting from a business point of view. KAM Patch is very different from the technologies currently present in the market, regarding cost and user experience. Kamleon’s goal is to take a strategic market position in the development of this new health and well-being business. In time, it is expected that both Kamleon’s value proposition and business models will evolve.

With the aim of carrying out a complete feasibility study to measure the potential of KAM Patch and evaluate its technical and economical viability, Kamleon, with the support of Aristos, participated in the SME Instrument Phase 1, and we are very happy and pleased to announce that, in May 2018, with a score of 13.58 in the results of the evaluation, they have received the necessary grant for this first stage of KAM Patch. We wish Kamleon good luck in the development of this interesting project.


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