Metamorfosis, by Food Sourcing Specialists

A healthy, high-performance, bee product-based energy gel in highly innovative compostable packaging

Energy gels are used considerably in endurance sports, but those that currently exist are contained in packaging that is not respectful with the environment and offer a performance below optimal. They are also difficult to use and these empty plastic containers end up littering our fields.

It is a rapidly growing market of almost 1,000 million euros in 2017 and is expected to reach 1,760 million euros in 2025 (8.1% CAGR 2017-27)

Our client, the company Food Sourcing Specialists SL, has created Metamorfosis, a gel made from delicious bee products and other healthy ingredients 100% natural and easy to digest, which also offers high-level sports performance in a compostable, hygienic and non-sticky packaging.

It is a project supported by several research and is endorsed by sports stars and nutritionists.

With the intention of obtaining the grant they needed to carry out their project, Food Sourcing Specialists submitted their proposal to the April 2019 call of the SME Instrument Phase 2 and, after passing the interview phase in Brussels, we are pleased to announce that they have won the grant.

It is a great joy for Aristos to share this success of Food Sourcing Specialists and we wish them good luck in the development of this fantastic product.

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