Multiplex8+, by MultiplexDX

A highly accurate breast cancer diagnostic test for effective personalized treatment and assessment of therapy response

Breast cancer (BCa) is the most common cancer in women worldwide with 2.1M new cases diagnosed annually, and this number is expected to double in 2030. However, today’s diagnostic tests lack precision and, as a result, many BCa patients are misdiagnosed and treated inaccurately, putting their lives at risk while creating undue problems for families and healthcare systems.

Our client, the Slovak company MultiplexDX s.r.o. is a leading biotechnology company, that proposes a personalized and precise diagnostic test for early and late stage BCa called Multiplex8+.


Multiplex8+ combines two IP-protected, revolutionary and multiplexed cancer diagnostic technologies: visualization (RNA FISH) and RNA sequencing. By combining the two technologies to eliminate misdiagnosis, Multiplex8+ defines a specific BCa barcode that suggests a specific personalized treatment, length of therapy and clarifies how likely will a BCa patient benefit from chemotherapy or not.


With the intention of bringing their fanstastic project to the market, MultiplexDX  submitted their proposal to the October 2019 call of the EIC Accelerator (the old SME Instrument Phase 2) and we are very pleased to announce that they have obtained the necessary grant to carry out their project.


It is a great satisfaction for Aristos to have helped MultiplexDX achieve this success and we wish them all the luck in the world so they can help save the lives of millions of people in the near future.


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