NanoGo, by Nanovex


Innovative, automatic, fast and cost-effective nanovesicles manufacturing equipment

Our client, the company Nanovex Biotechnologies, is a Spanish SME founded in November 2014, that provides a wide range of services and products in the nanobiotechnology field, including manufacturing of nanovesicles (NV) for food, cosmetics and pharmacological applications.

The entrepreneurs at Nanovex are 3 researchers of the University of Oviedo, adding more than 45 years of experience in nanovesicles design and production. Having become disappointed with the current technologies for manufacturing nanovesicles, expensive and with serious technical drawbacks, they have designed and prototyped a unique microfluidics equipment called NanoGo  which produces high-quality nanovesicles faster and at a lower cost.

The NanoGo system is based on the lab-on-a-chip concept and therefore is very

easy to scale-up. NanoGo is capable of producing small volumes (0.5 ml) to large volumes (4 liters/day) of nanovesicles.

In addition, NanoGo has many other advantages:

  1. i) High reproducibility: The automation of the process allows you to obtain nanovesicles with

reproducible characteristics (size, encapsulation efficiency, distribution). The result is the same regardless of who uses it and how many times you repeat the procedure;

  1. ii) Rapid process: Requires just 20 minutes to produce 50 ml of nanovesicles;

iii) Ease of use: Anyone can do it with no knowledge of formulation;

  1. iv) Low cost. Requires a low volume of samples per experiment;
  2. v) Very easy to scale up. It is quite simple to increase the scale (1 to 100 chips -for instance- working in parallel).

To carry out its project, Nanovex submitted to the February 2019 call for Phase 1 of the SME Instrument and we are pleased to announce that, after obtaining a score of 13.91, they have obtained the necessary grant to carry out this phase of the project.

We are very pleased with our participation in the success of Nanovex and we wish them great success in the development of this important advance in the field of NanoBiotechnology.

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