RocketSaaS, de RocketRoi

Disruptive software that automatizes the creation, management, and scientific optimization of digital advertising (Winner of the Horizonte Pyme Prize, by MINECO)

Online advertising is rapidly becoming the most widely used form of advertising, overtaking television advertising during 2016. In principle, this presents an opportunity for SMEs, as online advertising can more effectively target niche audiences. With this aim in mind, SMEs and small marketers invest significant amounts of money in online ads in order to attract potential customers and increase sales, but most of the times they see no tangible results. Today, 74% of global marketers state that their biggest challenge is quantifying the effect that marketing has on new sales revenue.

RocketSaaS provides an intuitive, easy to use software tool that allows SMEs to easily manage their paid search advertising. Our technology is based on advanced algorithms and software robots working with Machine Learning systems that analyse over 300 million keywords a day to identify the best marketing strategy, choose the best channels, take smart decisions and drive advertisers to profitable results in terms of ROI, increasing business volume and reducing costs, thus giving a better performance. Furthermore, this service is based on advertising on commission, allowing even the smallest advertising budgets to make use of the tool.

The aim of our client, RocketRoi, is to make RocketSaaS available to be used by people who are not specialists in marketing across Europe and worldwide, giving them access to the same segmented customers as their larger rivals, who can afford using marketing agencies or large in-house teams. As search marketing continues to grow in size and importance, at a CAGR of 12% in 2020, it is vital that SMEs are given support to play in equal conditions.

From Aristos Innovation Consulting we are happy to communicate that the RocketSaaS project was funded through Horizonte PYME.


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