SenolT, de Senolytic Therapeutics

Fast and effective diagnostic test for the early detection of residual tumours to prevent Cancer recurrence

One of the main concerns in cancer treatment is its high rate of recurrence, which may happen soon or years after treatment, and it’s very hard to predict/prevent. Removing residual tumour cells is the best way to avoid recurrence, so identifying new tumour markers is the most pressing demand.

Our client, the Spanish company Senolytic Therapeutics SL (SENOLYTIC), has developed SenolT, an innovative diagnostic test for the early detection and monitoring of senescent cells, which appear after chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and are directly associated to cancer recurrence.

SenolT detects all kinds of tumours, but focuses on pancreatic and triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) because prognosis is very poor for patients and recurrence is their main cause of mortality.

SENOLYTIC is currently the first company that is working on the detection of senescent cells as a diagnostic method to predict recurrence and its main objective is to continue advancing in the field of therapies and clinical trials, in order to help improve the lives of patients and their families.

To develop their project, SENOLYTIC submitted their proposal to the May 2018 call of the SME Instrument Phase 1, and we are pleased to say that, after obtaining a score of 13.46, they won the necessary grant to carry out the tasks required in this phase. We are very glad to have been able to participate in this great achievement of the company and we wish them a lot of success in the development of their fantastic project, which will help save the lives of thousands of people.


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