TrustloT, de Contribe​

Smart Product Lifecycle Security Platform 

Winner Project of Vinnova

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming almost every aspect of our lives. In fact, 8.4bn smart products (internet-connected things) will be in use this year, rising to 20.4bn by 2020. These products provide significant benefits, but more connectivity brings more security risk, and IoT is being recognized as a top Cybersecurity issue. Each new device that is connected to a network increases the chance of unauthorised access and there may be thousands or millions of such devices per network. Hackers can take control of a smart product itself or use the smart product to enter a secure network, gaining access to sensitive data such as financial, health, employment or government records.

Our client, Contribe, has developed TrustIoT, a robust, security-focused testing and monitoring platform for the development and lifecycle management of IoT smart products.

This platform, designed for smart product manufacturers, differentiates itself from the competition by supporting security and testing across the entire smart product lifecycle. This includes (1) security-by-design, with testing and validation of all components (often from different suppliers) during product development; (2) threat-detection monitoring for the smart product deployed on the customer network; and (3) supports agile maintenance and security updates to the product firmware. TrustIoT’s innovation harnesses machine learning for its adaptive threat-detection, as well as the company’s expertise in testing simulation to make these testing cycles quicker and more affordable. The larger impact is on product manufacturers’ own customers: secure smart products and IoT end-users of all types (vertical industries, large enterprises, SMEs, public sector and everyday consumers).

From Aristos Innovation Consulting we are pleased to announce that the TrustloT project has been funded through VINNOVA.


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