Unimind, by Bitmetrics


SaaS platform applying Artificial Intelligence and collaborative learning to the automation of Machine Vision-based manufacturing processes

Automating manufacturing processes is expensive (i.e.unattainable for SMEs), time-consuming and most of all: inflexible. All solutions are custom-made and not adaptable to different contexts, they are partial and adapted to the particular needs of a client, so they are not scalable to new applications, changes of plant and / or scenarios.

Our client, the Spanish company BitMetrics, has created UniMind, a SaaS learning platform for intelligent automation, which applies artificial intelligence and collaborative learning to the automation of the machine, minimizing the combination of low-value and repetitive tasks for human workers.

Unimind significantly reduces the time needed to learn and implement a new process, because the algorithm’s learning process is fostered by incremental collaborative learning: the algorithms engaged in different processes and working in different companies are all connected to the cloud, so the work experience of one solution feeds all the others.

UniMind has many possible applications, but the first ones will be Visual Quality Control and Random Bin Picking. These are both highly in-demand processes and ideal to train UniMind because they are easily scalable to other processes in successive phases.

To carry out its project, <em>BitMetrics</em> applied to the February 2019 call of phase 1 of the SME Instrument and we are very glad to announce that, after obtaining a score of 13.95, they have obtained the grant necessary to carry out this phase of the project.

We are very pleased with our participation in the success of <em>Bitmetrics</em> and we wish them great success in this project, which will help many SMEs to automate their processes in an affordable way for the first time in history.


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