Our services focus on winning you funding at EU and national level.

We provide you with comprehensive support in all areas of the financing process.

There will be a team of two consultants that will provide you with the technical, scientific and management guidance you are looking for to obtain the financing that your project needs. Discover the 4 service areas we offer.



We analyse your ideas and projects (without obligation) to determine their fit with the funding instruments.


Preparation and review

We take care of the entire process, preparing and submitting your proposal.



We organise specialised courses and seminars in public funding programs.


Business coaching

We advise start-ups taking their first steps: drawing up a Business/marketing plan, preparing for interviews with investors (e.g., pitch decks).



Finding a good fit for your project is key

We analyse your ideas and projects, free of charge, to advise you on the best way to increase the chances of obtaining financing in the new Horizon Europe programme.

Determining the most appropriate approach to presenting your project is key to increase its success potential. While all ideas have value, they do not always fit in the funding instruments. We also check if any financed projects closely resemble yours.

Based on our experience, we advise you on how to shape the project towards a specific instrument, so that you can dedicate yourself to innovating without worrying about anything else.

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Proposal preparation and review

Our most popular service and also our specialty. During the entire process we stay in permanent contact with the client, while taking care of everything.

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Training in European R&D&I programs

One of our most popular services is specific trainings in European R&D&I funding programs. At ARISTOS we offer several courses.

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Business coaching

We are well aware of the difficulties a start-up faces in the first years of its life: developing a sustainable business plan, getting to know the market and your competitors, anticipating risks and minimizing their impact, managing to raise capital from investors, protecting intellectual property…

We help start-ups overcome all these initial barriers, with the support of our internal team and our specialised partners, always with the ultimate aim that you can focus on innovating.

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